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Spelling Age

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This app will test the spelling age of your child. Spelling Age helps you see how they are progressing with their spelling ability and tracks their performance over time.

How does it work?
- The user enters their name and birth date (the app can also manage multiple users so can be used in the classroom). The user can select if they want the words pronounced with a British or American English accent.

- The user is given a spelling test. The app pronounces a word, uses it in a sentence, then says the word again - just like a teacher would. The user spells the word with a simple keyboard and clicks OK to move on to the next word.

- The tests are based on the Schonell spelling lists that cover the words children should know at various ages. The tests start very easy (rag, bag...) and moves on to harder words.

- The test automatically stops when the user makes a series of errors then calculates their Spelling Age to the nearest month using their results.

- The results are tracked over time on a graph that shows the users age line as a goal.

- It is recommended that the child takes the test monthly. This App is perfect for children aged 5 to 15.

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